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Self Test

Do you have any of the immediate disqualifiers present on any of your pages?

Is your color scheme very bright, or very dark, making it hard to view?

Do your pages look crowded, or have spaces that look gapingly empty?

Is there horizontal scrolling on any of your pages at 800x600 resolution?

Take a look at your graphics. Are they slow to load, very large, or fuzzy appearing? Do you have a lot of animated graphics?

Is your text easy to read over your background color or image? Is it easy to read at 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions? Do you use a font that viewers may not have installed?

If you use Flash, Java, PHP, you use them appropriately and with some skill?

Do you have at least 5 pages of your own content, do they flow into one another design-wise, and is the navigation located consistantly throughout your pages?

Can a visitor see your navigation immediately upon viewing your opening page? Is your navigation clear, or of the 'mystery meat' variety? Does your chosen navigation method fit in with your site's overall design? Do you have a way for visitors to contact you?

Are any of your internal links broken? Image links? External links?

After answering these questions, do you feel your site is ready to be submitted to award programs?

If you are ready to apply, click here, and good luck!


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