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Evaluation Process

All applying sites go through this same process for evaluation. Once the application is received, the site is visited in 800x600 to check for any immediate disqualifications. If there are none, your site's name and address are entered further into a process for scoring/evaluation purposes.

I then revisit the site in 1024x768 resolution, working down the criteria list point by point. The points are totalled at the end of each section (design, navigation, content).

Points are then added together to get the score. If the site didn't score high enough to qualify for one of the top three level awards, I then ask these questions:

With some slight changes, could this site qualify for the Bronze Award?

Does this site have useful content or information?

Once the scoring and/or questions are answered, I then notify the applicant of the results. Award images are sent as attachments in the notification email. All email is scanned for viruses before being sent. All applicants are notified, and feedback is given either by award, or by explanation of disqualification (which has been, as of 3/13/16, confined to comet cursors/mouse trailers, or non-English sites).

Please go to the Self Test.


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