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Design Criteria:

Color Scheme 6pts Possible
Is the text easily read over the background color/tile image? 2pts
Do the colors used complement each other? 2pts
Is the color scheme too dark? Too bright? 2pts
Use of Space 6pts Possible
Is there too much empty space on pages? 3pts
Are the pages crowded? 3pts
Scrolling 6pts Possible
No horizontal scrolling at 800x600 resolution 3pts
Vertical scrolling-at 800x600, if I choose print, will it show more than 4 pages to be printed? 3pts
Graphics 10pts Possible
Are the graphics clear or fuzzy? 2pts
Are there more than 2 animated graphics per page? 2pts
Are the graphics very large? 2pts
Do the graphics fit the content? 2pts
Are the graphics optimized for fast loading? 2pts
Legible Text 6pts Possible
Does your text L0oK LiKe ThIs? 2pts
Do you use more than 2 fonts throughout your pages? 2pts
Is the text easily read at both 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution? 2pts
Use of Technology 6pts Possible
Do you utilize Flash, Javascript, etc? 3pts
Is your site designed in a format other than HTML, such as PHP? 3pts
Overall Layout 10pts Possible
Does your site design have continuity from one page to the next? 5pts
Does your site have at least 5 pages of original content, links page excluded? 3pts
Is the navigation always in the same place on each page? 2pts

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