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Digital Dragoness Choice Awards


(note: The criteria has undergone clarification on 2/14/15. All winners still hold the same number of points/award level awarded.)

This criteria is strictly adhered to for the three award levels that may be applied for. The award levels are Gold, Silver, and Bronze. A fourth award, the Great Site award, may be awarded to applying sites that don't qualify for one of the top three levels. It is given to sites that may qualify in the future, or that offer useful or entertaining content for visitors.

Please read the Criteria completely, as this may help you to make changes to your site before applying that will allow you to receive one of the awards.

Note: Applying site must be in English, or have an English version...sorry! Applicants whose first language isn't English: I keep that in mind when evaluating your English versions.

Before reading the criteria, please note the items that will instantly disqualify a site from being evaluated.

Immediate disqualifications: Pornography, hate, discrimination, warez, hacks, and other such illegal or immoral content orientated sites need not apply.

Comet cursors or other mouse trailing items.

Excessive use of animated gifs.

Music that cannot be turned off.

Pages that scroll vertically 'forever'.

Failure to give appropriate credit for content not your original work.

Nauseating use of colors. If your color scheme makes it difficult for me to look at my moniter, evaluation will stop immediately.

Personal websites that are nothing more than a link archive. Commercial websites are evaluated on services offered.

The three categories judged are: Design, Navigation, and Content.

Please go to the Design Criteria page.


You must receive 85-100 pts for the Gold award, 70-84 pts for the Silver award, and 50-69pts for the Bronze award.



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